4 The Northside Clinic – a Ramsay Health Care entity.

We have learnt from a Coroners report, details of which were reported in the media this week, that an Alana Goldsmith, a patient at the Northside Clinic, left it twice through a fire escape on the 22 Jul 2011, the second time going to a railway station and committing suicide.

As an attractive blond in her early 20s, she may well have been one of the females being abused in the Clinic by one of the psychiatrists there, under the very noses of the Northside’s management team, including, in particular it’s CEO Ms Anne Mortimer – one gets the impression that if it had been up to them Ong Ming Tan, now in gaol, would have still been practicing there had the Police not stepped in. (I’ve written extensively about these matter in previous posts on the Northside Clinic.)

Two things are for certain – Ms Mortimer is still going to be claiming that Northside’s performance in relation to this matter was without fault, in fact superb, (you can email her and ask her if you like – I myself are sick of emailing her and can’t be bothered any more,) and so is Ramsay Health Care’s spokesperson, Ms Carmel Monaghan.

Two things I find of great concern.

Firstly, in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Louise Hall’s article on this the fact that the “private hospital” concerned was the Northside Clinic is left out? One wonders if this was Louise’s idea, or whether pressure to do this was put on her, and if so, by whom?

Secondly, Louise has reported that the Coroner said last Tuesday, 15 July, that “he would not release his reasons for judgment or recommendations for two weeks.” My concern, from experiences in the past, is that these will NEVER  be released on the Coroner’s Court’s website – an eight day coroner’s enquiry and it will still be very hard for you and I to know exactly what went on! We’ll see.

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4 Another cautionary tale

I still think this is a remarkable story.

Fifteen to twenty years ago I had been experiencing annoying itchiness and wetness around my anus.

I saw one doctor and he prescribed a powder and an ointment. He gave me no instructions as to how to apply them – and obviously if I applied them both together I just ended up with a gooey mess. They did nothing for me.

Then, I saw a Dr Edmund Kwan, (who has recently been deregistered for two years – nothing to do with the poor advice he gave me from time to time.) Without even an inspection of the problem area he also prescribed a powder and an ointment – different ones. Again the same problems and again they did nothing for me.

I may have even seen a third doctor, with the same type of recommendations and the same outcome.

I was in Dr Peter John Stewart’s surgery on another matter, (he had done a couple of colonoscopies for me,) and asked him if he could refer me to a good dermatologist. Instead, he said he’d fix the problem by, putting me through a session about an hour long in which he and a couple of nurses put balloons up my bottom and blew them up and so on, having me see someone else who took videos of me opening my bowels, and then finally subjecting me to an operation under a full anaesthetic. It didn’t work!!! I always remember the sinking feeling I had as the weeks passed and it became clearer and clearer that all I’d gone through was in vain.

So he referred me to a dermatologist.

The dermatologist said I should never wipe my bottom with toilet paper again –  have a shower after each time I opened my bowels instead. And he gave me some special “paint” to use. They worked – but it was a real hassle having to have a shower each time I opened my bowels, and the special paint was very expensive.

What I’ve worked out myself, and have being doing for the last 7-8 years is this – just before I open my bowels I use one finger to apply a fair amount of QV cream around my anus, and then use toilet paper in the usual way, and I have NO itchiness and NO wetness!!!???

So, over a period of many months I saw 4-5 “waste of time” doctors who would have charged the taxpayers hundreds and hundreds of dollars in fees, and wasted many hours of my time and subjected me to an operation under a full anaesthetic, which always has it’s risks, when a very simple cheap solution was available all the time.

It’s hard not to think of all this when I’m applying the QV cream.

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2 Dr Charles Cope Cosmetic Surgeon Mosman Wahroonga Gosford

A rating has been posted on Dr Cope on the RateMDs website in which the main complaint by the author is that, having had one consultation with him, she sent  him an email prior to the time of her second consultation to which he never replied – he just cancelled her second appointment and wouldn’t talk to her. She obviously felt she deserved better.

I have had some correspondence with Dr Cope about this, which you can view, using this link.

As you can see, he has said that he will respond to this rating on the RateMDs website, which can be done easily by anyone by clicking on the “Respond” button next to the rating.

If he does, I’ll be surprised – a lot of doctors don’t. A lot of doctors think we are still in the times before modern technology – when all patients with complaints about doctors could do was make them to Kieran Pehm and his Health Care Complaints Commission and look forward, in 99% of cases, to being told that they had nothing to complain about. (What a joke the HCCC is!)

These days one can make complaints on the RateMDs website, (and they will be shown immediately on the world wide web,) and see if the doctor is going to respond.

To me, with doctors who can’t be bothered responding, it’s a sure sign that you and I shouldn’t be bothering with them.

Lots of doctors don’t respond – they just arrange for further ratings to appear saying how wonderful they are. Perhaps Dr Cope is like that. Just two days after I sent my first letter to him, just such a rating has appeared. A coincidence? I’ll let my readers be the best judge of that.

(Of course, no one will be putting a rating up on the RateMDs website if they’ve already emailed the doctor with their complaint and it’s been responded to adequately.)

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1 Dr Charles Cope Cosmetic Surgeon Mosman Wahroonga Gosford

This is amazing!

It was on my list of things to do today or tomorrow, to do a post on Dr Charles Cope suggesting to my readers that he might be a good doctor to see – with a good website, an email address, a 10 out of 10 rating on the RateMDs website, (albeit only one rating,) all the usual stuff.

I had already sent him an email at 4.10 this afternoon, to see if  he was a doctor that was into communicating and being helpful by email.

And lo and behold, when I checked on the RateMDs website four hours later, there was now a second rating on him that would indicate that he may be anything but a good doctor to see.

It’s author claims that after he or she had had a first appointment with Dr Cope they were somewhat “confused/unfulfilled” by what he had had to say, and so, “Before the next meeting, I sent him an email outlining all that was discussed in the first appointment,” and so on – something I alway strongly suggest to readers who want to “pin down” what a doctor has said – and 2 hours before the second appointment, Dr Cope had it cancelled and refused to talk to his patient personally!!!

In due course, I’ll be giving Dr Cope an opportunity to tell his side of this story – not that I think he’ll be interested in responding.

So is Dr Cope one of those doctors into communicating and being helpful by email? No indications in that direction so far, I would suggest.

A 17 July 2014 update: I HAVE received a response apparently from Dr Cope – a long email from Dr Cope which has important implications for those considering using him. More tomorrow.

A 18 July 2014 update: You can now view Dr Cope’s email and my response by using this link.

My response included these paragraphs:-


Having said this, a picture is perhaps emerging of quite a difficult patient who still deserved one more email from Dr Cope than perhaps she got.

Of course the only thing that will really concern my readers is whether Dr Cope is one of those doctors we are all looking for – who, if you were to use him as your doctor, would be into communicating with you and being helpful by email. I think a really clear picture on this is yet to emerge.

A 19 July 2014 update: A further email from Dr Cope. I’m not sure that he hasn’t blown his chances to convince my readers that he is one of the very best doctors to see.

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99 Bits and Pieces

I continue to be astonished that doctors like Dr Christopher Chung have anyone seeing them at all!!! – in terms of his ratings on the RateMDs website, he comes over as a lazy good for nothing.

There must be so many people out there not doing their homework, and yet perhaps wanting someone to listen when they don’t have good doctor experiences.

In working for more than six years on this blog and it’s related website I’ve learnt nothing to make me think that the Dr Christopher Chungs are not going to cease being out there, at least in New South Wales.

But at the same time, with the aid of modern technology it’s becoming easier and easier to avoid seeing the Christophe Chungs of this world – if you do your homework!

One thing’s for sure, and that is that you are not going to find anybody to listen to your complaints if things go wrong, least of all Christopher Chung himself, least of all anyone in the management of the Hyde Park Medical Centre where he works, and least of all Jillian Skinner, Kieran Pehm and Mary Foley who come over as lazy good for nothings too.

Before I started work on this blog and it’s related website I had spent more than 50 years in the worlds of academia, law and business, from which I felt that the biggest thing I’d learnt was that there were only 15% of all types of people – barristers, solicitors, accountants, building supervisors, legal secretaries etc etc that you would use or employ, the other 85% you should just give a miss. And in the last 6 years I haven’t learnt anything which would indicate that it’s any different with doctors.

It’s possible to live such a good life if you use only the best people – but it requires homework, perhaps lots of homework.

While I have real sympathy with some of my readers who have had bad experiences with doctors, and one of the things I do is try to help some of them, although it’s often difficult, if not impossible. But some of their stories amaze me, none more than this one – one of my readers claims he spent $35,000, (can you imagine, $35,000!!!) on an operation to lengthen his penis, and it didn’t work, and after the operation and his surgeon had his money, he was impossible to contact. But his surgeon was Dr Colin Moore who comes over as perhaps the worst possible doctor, who may have not answered an email from a patient in his whole life. I would have thought that, these days, it was kindergarten stuff to avoid seeing the Colin Moores of this world. At the very least, my reader should have sent Dr Moore an email about something, anything, BEFORE his operation – if he wasn’t going to answer an email before he had his $35,000, he was hardly going to answer any emails afterwards.

P.S: If any of my readers has got an email from Dr Moore, EVER – email address, info@austcps.com – I’d love to see it.

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1 Rhinoplasties (or nose jobs) generally

I’ve recently started trying to put together some prices on various plastic surgery procedures, and sent an email to Dr Jason Roth asking him for an indication as to his charges for a rhinoplasty, thinking that rhinoplasties were just another type of plastic surgery procedure.

His reply, (which you can view in full by using this link,) although very different to what I expected, seems to me to be an incredibly important and useful piece of information for those thinking of having a rhinoplasty.

It includes statements like, “rhinoplasty is not really a “cosmetic” procedure in the same sense as a breast augmentation, facelift or blepharoplasty” and “nasal surgery is completely different to breast augmentation surgery which is a purely cosmetic procedure” and paragraphs like this:-


And this:-


If you go to the ratings on Dr Darryl Hodgkinson on the RateMDs website, you will see one dated 2 Apr 2014 which is possibly the worst rating I’ve ever seen – but perhaps the main problem was that the patient didn’t go to a surgeon with an ENT background.

I anticipate that it will be a while before I can do any more work on rhinoplasties, but felt that it was important to make my readers aware of Dr Roth’s perspectives straight away.

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1 Dr Ron Bezic Cosmetic Surgeon Woollahra

Dr Bezic has a website and an ordinary email address which I have tested and found to be working. In addition he has three 10 out of 10 ratings on the RateMDs website.

I’ve found him to be really into communication and helpfulness by email – which I believe to be an essential requirement in doctors these days.

Could be well worth considering?

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3 The Cosmetic Institute Parramatta and Bondi

Yesterday, I sent an email to Dr Eddy Dona, the Surgical Director of this Institute, saying:-


I’m awaiting Dr Dona’s response, but, despite all the talk about how cheap breast augmentation is with the Cosmetic Institute, it would appear that if you want Dr Dona to do your breast augmentation, it’s going to cost you more than perhaps it would with other more reputable surgeons.

Perhaps the answer is that it’s cheaper if you get one of his lesser surgeons to do it – but I’m told that if there is a poor result from one of these lesser surgeons, Dr Dona charges you for fixing things up. (I’ve also written to Dr Dona about these allegations – so far no response.)

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1 Dr Naveen Somia Cosmetic Surgeon Bondi Junction and Bella Vista

Dr Somia has a website and an ordinary email address. And five 10 out of 10 ratings on the RateMDs website in which it is claimed that he answers emails,

Could be well worth considering.

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2 The Cosmetic Institute Parramatta and Bondi

I’ve received this comment this evening on my previous post on this Institute, from one of my readers, Gemma:-


My reply to Gemma:-


I’ll let you have Gemma’s response, as soon as it comes to hand.

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