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As at today, if you do a search on Dr Kerrie Meades, Ophthalmologist, 8 of my posts come up, and with a search on Dr Sandbach, 5 posts come up!

You may wonder why I am spending so much time on these two women. It’s because (1) they really annoy me, and because (2) I believe so strongly that everyone is entitled to know what they are really like. And all that dealing with them cost me, at least to start off with, was two or three hundred dollars, and five wasted hours of madness in the rooms of Personal Eyes – goodness knows how many others there must be out there who are much more annoyed than I am.

But it keeps going on and on.

To cut a long story short:-

  1. I was referred to Dr Meades by an optometrist for help with double vision.
  2. Dr Meades referred me on to one of her colleagues at the time, Dr Sandbach.
  3. I reported on my blog that I had found seeing both of them a waste of time, which I had. (This has been accentuated by the superb treatment I’ve got since from other professionals which has solved all my problems.)
  4. On 14 Oct 2012, I received an incredibly long nasty vicious email from Dr Meades, making all sorts of threats, saying, as she always does, parrot fashion, “you were at all times provided the best possible clinical care by Dr Sandbach and myself” – which, as far as I am concerned is rubbish.
  5. Subsequently, she claimed, that as part of the treatment I had received, Dr Sandbach had (1) sent me for an MRI, and (2) sent me for blood tests, which, as far as I am concerned are blatant lies – it is my very clear memory that these things didn’t happen, and there’s certainly no mention of them in the copies of my medical records I’ve got from Personal Eyes.

So if they are blatant lies, as I am alleging, who made them up – Dr Sandbach, or Dr Meades, or both of them. Yesterday, I sent Dr Sandbach an email asking:-

Dr Sandbach as a doctor is perhaps the most lax communicator I’ve ever come across – starting from the fact that when I first got a card from her it had an email address on it that didn’t work!

We’ll see if she is prepared to throw any light on the situation. My guess is that she won’t even bother.

A 9 Aug 2013 update: Dr Sandbach would be one of the worst doctors I have ever seen – alongside her former colleague Dr Kerrie Meades. In my experience, both completely and utterly useless! And up to every bit of trickery in the book!

(Soon after I saw them I happened to check on a qualification they were both claiming. Surprise! surprise – it turned out they had no right to claim it. It was only after quite a lot of work on my part that they took down their false and misleading claims.)

On 15 Oct 2012, I made a complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission about my treatment by Dr Meades. This is part of the the Commission’s response:-


Lie after lie after lie!

It would appear from her non-response to this email (to which I referred above,) sent to her on 10 Dec 2013, that Dr Sandbach WAS the author of the lies that she had referred me for “an MRI and blood tests”.

And as for Dr Meades lying to the HCCC about Dr Sandbach having made these referrals – well Dr Sandbach’s clinical notes, which Dr Meades provided to me, didn’t back up what she had to say!!!??? But did this stop Dr Meades from lying to the HCCC – not at all! not at all! (I’m beginning to realise that people like Dr Meades are spoilt brats – used to writing absolute rubbish and getting away with it.)

And as for the people at the Commission and the Medical Council of NSW, who got together on the 8 Nov 2012 to consider my complaint and Dr Meades’ response – well, obviously, none of them thought of asking for a copy of Dr Sandbach’s clinical notes to see if they backed up what Dr Meades was claiming. But, as I always say, all these people are ever looking for is the slightest justification for them to tell people like you and me that we have nothing to complain about – the last thing they’re doing is looking for any evidence that a doctor is lying. If they found it – it could be awkward.
















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