1 Dr Joseph Ajaka Cosmetic Surgeon of the Cosmos Clinic Double Bay and other locations

This morning I received a long and detailed email from one of my readers. He claims to be an entirely unsatisfied and angry Dr Ajaka ex-patient. He says, and I quote, “It’s my new mission in life to stop people going to Cosmos”.

Consumers of health care services need to realise that adverse comments about doctors on the internet are almost certainly just the “tip of the iceberg” – that ex-patients, (and others, such as myself,) are almost certainly severely limited by the laws of defamation, and that it is often attempted to negate adverse comments with 10 out of 10 reviews that are entirely bogus.

I’m still considering what more of this email I can publish. But I’m not sure that, if prospective Dr Ajaka patients are not put off from consulting him by what’s already on the net, that they are ever going to be put off.

A 6 Aug 2013 update: Readers are telling me that Dr Farah Meher-Homji, a super star at Dr Ajaka’s Cosmos Clinic as late as 5 months ago, (the Cosmos Clinic claims to provide “cutting edge cosmetic surgery”,) is now working as a GP at the Park Family Practice in Bondi Junction!!!??? A phone call to the Park Family Practice this morning asking if Dr Meher-Homji would be in today was met with a definite “Yes”.

This lead me to sending an email to Dr Ajaka saying:-


To view this email in full, use this link.

Do I expect a response from Dr Ajaka? It depends on how upfront and honest he is. I would expect that in this day and age, doctors, (and other people and organisations,) seeking custom from the general public, who are not prepared to provide reasonable answers to reasonable emails, may be increasingly up against it.

A 17 Aug 2013 update: No response for Dr Ajaka yet. In my experience, the last thing you would expect from the Joseph Ajakas of this world is that they be up front and honest.

A 21 Oct 2013 update: No response for Dr Ajaka yet.

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4 Responses to 1 Dr Joseph Ajaka Cosmetic Surgeon of the Cosmos Clinic Double Bay and other locations

  1. BarbieG says:

    I am not surprised that Dr Joseph Ajaka has his critics if the work of his Cosmos Clinic colleagues is anything to go by. I had liposuction surgery with Dr Farah Meher-Homji of Cosmos and I am very unhappy with the results. She (Dr Meher-Homji) brags elsewhere on the net that she has worked alongside Dr Joseph Ajaka for many years. My guess is they are in it for the money, but that’s just my guess – perhaps it’s worth reading this article on Dr Ajaka to form your own views on what his motivations might be:


  2. Ryan says:

    This doctor is in partnership with the Laser Lounge. The Laser Linge are now using nurses to administer Botox under his banner in Brisbane! This Dr is in Sydney, how can a nurse be under supervision in Brisbane if he is in Sydney? Is he even registered in QLD to practice? Talk about scamming people out if their money! Shame on you Dr Ajaka and shame on you Laser Lounge! A full investigation needs to be done about this!!

  3. BarbieG says:

    Wow, if that’s true then it’s appalling. It doesn’t surprise me much though – one of the other Cosmos doctors (Dr Bernard Beldholm) at one stage had a “Groupon” discount for his work. Basically you could buy a Groupon for $2499 and Dr Beldholm would then give you $5000 off the price of the cosmetic surgery of your choice. Can you believe that? It’s as if these doctors treat the decision to have serious, invasive surgery on a similar level to ordering a Thai meal. Here’s the link just in case you think I’m kidding: http://www.groupon.com.au/deals/newcastle/-specialist-cosmetic-surgery-5000-/715846530

  4. Sad to hear about negative reviews about cosmetic doctors. The internet is a very powerful medium to break or make a profession. Internet readers must be smart enough to read between the lines and do his or her own research when it comes to cosmetic doctors.

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